Riding a bicycle

Most learning bikes have training wheels on them to help with balance. How many times do children fall off and then climb back on? What kind of learner were you?
There are four kinds of learners. There are the learners who fall off and get right back on repeatedly until they get it right. There are the learners who fall off, cry, and then get back on whether it is right away or days later. There are the learners who fall off, cry, and never get back on. Then there are the learners who never try even though they might think about trying.
What kind of teacher did you have? Did you teach yourself? Did you have a teacher who steadied the bicycle, pushed you ahead even if you didn’t think you were ready, and cheered for you as you went on your own power? Maybe you had a teacher who was afraid for you and erred on the side of caution.
As you think about your memories of your own experience learning to ride bicycle and memories of sharing or observing others’ experiences, what are you feeling? What is your face doing?
Now think about your business. There will be times you lose balance and fall off. You may even cry. Having a life coach is having that person who is going to steady you, give you a push, and cheer when you roll along.
If you never got back on the bike, please don’t let the same happen with anything that is important to you. You’ll be missing out on a great adventure.
You can come up with a number of objections to following through with your heart’s desire. But, what does it cost you if you find it too difficult to get back on the bike?

You’ll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind. – Irish Proverb

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