Believing in Christmas

Christmas is over and the New Year has begun. But, we can keep the magic of Christmas going throughout the year.
For a child, Christmas is a magical time of hoping and believing in getting what she wants. Then Christmas is over; she didn’t get all she wanted. The thrill of what she did get is gone.
One of my money management strategies is to wait awhile before buying something I want. How long I wait depends on the cost of what I want. The point is to see if I still want it at the end of the waiting period. With the help of credit cards we can get what we want right now, and then end up with a lot of things that we don’t use. The shortfall of wanting material things is when “Christmas” is over, so is the magic and the thrill.
There’s a line from Miracle on 34th Street that says Santa is an attitude. Of course, it is an attitude of giving, and it is an attitude of believing that wishes do come true. A typical response to the saying that God answers all prayers is that sometimes the answer is “no”. What if the answer isn’t “no” but “not yet; show Me that you really want it”?
So, what if the answer of “not yet” is more like layaway then credit. You have to put something into your wish to show your commitment to it.
Keeping the magic of Christmas alive is holding onto the belief that wishes can come true. It is also sorting through everything you would put on a wish list for the things that you are willing to pay for layaway, pay it forward. When you come upon the true desire, the one that you are really willing to put your resources of time, money, energy, effort, and commitment into, then the magic of Christmas begins. Believe in the magic that wishes can come true and keep on working toward it. What you put your energy into grows. Ignore the Grinch who wants to steal your Christmas and keep believing, keep paying your layaway.
There isn’t that one day of the year, but a lifetime of magic as you see what happens as you keep on believing and keep on investing your resources into your wish. Unfortunately, there isn’t the one day of the year when you will know whether or not you will have your wish. You have to keep on believing that it will come and not knowing when. The exhilaration of the process is magical itself. From that process comes confidence and empowerment and knowing that you can make your wishes come true if you only work hard enough and wait long enough.
In 2011 what do you wish for and what will you do to invest your energy into it?
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