There just isn’t enough time for it all!

Ok, let’s see.  I want to exercise, meditate, write, study aromatherapy, do stained glass, work two jobs, visit Dad, walk the dog.  There just isn’t enough time for it all!

Conflicting priorities is often the reason that we fail at our new year’s resolutions.  In lives that are already jam- packed, we have to give up something to fit something else in.

I often tell a story of a professor filling a jar with rocks, then gravel, then sand, then water and at each step she asks the class if there is room for more.  At the end, she asks what the lesson is.  The class responds, “There is always room for more”.  No, the lesson is that if you don’t put your rocks in first, they won’t fit in.

What are your priorities?  Take care of them first.

As I study abundance, though, I know that there is something false about the statement “there just isn’t enough time for it all”.

Finding the time starts with knowing how we spend our time and discerning if we are spending it on rocks or water.  How much of our time is spent on other people’s rocks?  If we are honest with ourselves, what does this time spent rate for ourselves?  Out of fear of being selfish, how much time is spent tending to others’ rocks or gravel (or worse yet, their sand)?

May I suggest that as you approach the New Year, instead of setting a resolution take some time to learn how you spend your time.   Are your tending to your rocks?  How much time is spent on water, those things of little importance?  Notice when some activity changes status so that you can be satisfied with not doing that activity while you focus on something different. And, how much time is just plain wasted?


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