Calming Your Reactions; a Mindful Approach to Manage Eating

Do you feel like your eating is out of control and that you are powerless to get it back?

There are no easy solutions.  Weight loss pills have had safety risks too great to be kept on the market.  Diets seem to have the same shortfall; being able to sustain them.

A mindful approach to eating teaches a skill that can be used on or off a diet.  It will also benefit other areas of our lives including our physical and emotional health, sleep, relationships, and even how we manage money.

Our eating habits, like other habits, are unconscious, mindless.  We automatically reach for a food item that is in our way, pop it in our mouth and then groan because we didn’t really want it.  We put things in the grocery cart we hadn’t intended to buy.  We finish the bag of cookies without knowing how we got there.  This isn’t about willpower.  For one thing, it is about marketing.

“Calming Your Reactions”, a mindful approach to managing your eating might help. This is a 4 week group program, 2 hours each session.  Participants will:

  1. Learn why we eat foods that we don’t want to
  2. Learn mindfulness meditation
  3. Increase present moment awareness of thoughts and body sensations
  4. Discover ways to apply this awareness to “calm your reactions” to cravings and overeating and thus have better control
  5. Show more compassion to yourself as you learn a new way of approaching eating

A group session will begin in mid September.  The day will be determined by preference of group members.  If interested contact me at or (585) 335 7030

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