The lessons of early life are the hardest to unlearn

“The lessons of early life are the hardest to unlearn. Mostly that’s positive- you’ve learned key behavior to survive and thrive. Still, there is some misinformation from your early days. Retrain!”     Virgo Horoscope by Holiday Mathis March 23 2015 published in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Finding out what lessons and thoughts are misinformation is the crux of cognitive behavioral therapy. It is amazing the thoughts that we accept as true that really are not. For example,” eat everything on your plate”and “toilet paper must roll forward”. These are simple ones but we have learned ways to behave and think from our life’s experiences that we just take for granted. In turn, these are responsible for a lot of conflict in our lives. As we become more aware of our thoughts and beliefs that have become ingrained along the way, we can ask ourselves the question “is that true?” The answer can be surprising.

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