Jayne M Acomb, LCSWR

Because I value natural approaches to health, I integrate lifestyle changes into my therapeutic approach.  Good mental health depends on good sleep, physical activity, meaningful pursuits, good nutrition, positive attitude, and socialization. Clients receive education on how nutrition impacts mental health; what vitamins, minerals and foods will be beneficial.  Learning what activities that decrease depression, anxiety, stress, and boost mood are part of the therapeutic process.  Sometimes psychotropic medications are necessary, but there are non-medication interventions that tremendously add to the quality of life.

I teach Mindfulness Meditation in combination with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   This added benefit creates calmness and increased awareness of our thoughts, body sensations, and emotions.   This awareness helps to recognize reactive habits, decreases reactivity, and allows for more thoughtful and effective response to stressors such as anxiety, depression, pain, illness, insomnia, eating and unpleasant events.

I am a licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years experience with a commitment to being warm, inviting and personal. The office is an addition to my home, making for a comfortable, informal, park-like setting.

Warning: If you have cat allergies, while cats may not be present in office, it is likely their dander is!