Counseling services near Livingston, Steuben, and Alleghany Counties, including Hornell, Alfred, Bath, Wayland, Geneseo, and Dansville.


Most health insurances are accepted. Deductibles and co-pays vary by policy and may be specified on your insurance card as “specialist”.    Check your benefits for mental health coverage.  Flexible Benefits and Health Savings Account cards are accepted.

Individual therapy:

Age groups teens through adulthood.

Therapy begins with identifying the goal we will be working on so that we both know where we are going.  Therapy here is an educational process; learning about the influence of thoughts, learning what thought patterns are problematic for you, how to work with them, identifying the barriers to achieving the goal, and learning emotional/behavioral skills to achieve the goal.

Weight Loss:

Mindfulness is a strategy that helps us to learn more about what triggers the urge to eat and offers another option for how to mange cravings.  By observing thoughts, tuning into the types of hunger, and learning to sit still as thoughts and urges pass, we are empowered to change our choice right then in this moment.

Couples Counseling:

When we are dating, the reason for being together is to be together. Once living together, we forget about being together. We come home from work and put on our “sloppy clothes attitude”. At work, we control our emotions, work at effective communication, work as a team with our co-workers, treat others respectfully, and give it our best. We come home tired from these efforts and don’t pay attention to treating those we love with the same respect that we pay co-workers and customers.

Couples counseling teaches the same skills as in individual therapy, reminds you of why you love each other, and refocuses you on the same interpersonal skills used at work; emotion control, effective communication, teamwork, and respect.

Counseling for Children, ages 10-18:

I do require that both parents are informed when children are in treatment with me.  By participating in therapy, parents are able to coach their children between sessions on the skills that are being learned.

In my experience, children catch onto cognitive-behavioral skills much faster than adults. Their thinking patterns aren’t as ingrained and to think differently seems to make much more sense to them then is does to adults.

If interested, contact me by secure email or call at (585) 335 7030.